Happy Anniversary to a Bering’s Legend, Ben Whitley!!

Bering's Stationery

Just back from the National Stationery Show in New York, Bering’s Stationery Department is getting ready for the fall season with new and exciting products. This is all made possible by Ben Whitley, who 18 years ago this June started the Stationery Department at Bering’s. Beginning with a very small staff, he has since led the transformation of Bering’s to one of the largest stationery operations in the country.

Ben truly has knowledge that comes only from years of experience. Before joining Bering’s Hardware, he started out with Hallmark Cards in Kansas City, Missouri as well as helping to develop several children’s books. Ben Whitley is known throughout the industry as the “Stationery Guru,” always prepared with a clever quip or the proper etiquette for wedding invitations or thank you notes. Ben eagerly shares his wisdom and experience with the rest of the Bering’s Stationery staff. Be sure to come by the Stationery Department at either Bering’s location for all of your stationery needs.

…And Happy Anniversary, Ben!!

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