A Modern Mix of Wonderful

Our beloved buyer, Lesley Sullivan recently bumped into Eddie Ross at America’s Mart in Atlanta where he was busy working his magic on a tabletop. Since we love few things more than a beautifully dressed table, and we already happen to sell his new book, Lesley graciously snapped some pictures for us!


Eddie is the author Modern Mix, an energetic page turning, awe inspiring punch of old meets new – done right. If you aren’t familiar with Eddie, then odds are you are familiar with Better Homes & Gardens where he serves as their East Coast Editor. …Style like his gets noticed!

While we admit this blog post is far from a front row seat, check out the image we found on Eddie’s Instagram feed offering an even sharper look at the table he set at America’s Mart.


If you are loving some of the pieces from Eddie’s featured tabletop then be sure to not only consider purchasing his book, but take notes and then shop the look at either Bering’s store location or by clicking here.

Mixing the old with the new can be as modern or classic as you prefer, and we are always up for style makers to illustrate their take on infusing the two. Look at the pieces you already have and change up your tabletop by incorporating something unexpected. Often times a little tweak translates into a beautiful and refreshing new look! Here are two additional examples we pulled from Eddie’s Instagram feed, to serve as a bit more inspiration on his Modern Mix.


We would be remised not to include that while Modern Mix is full of image inspiration, it is cleverly divided into sections to break down and explain the make of various tableware. Some of our favorite sections include his narrative on porcelain, crystal, linens, silver and his favorite cleaning products to help care for and restore pieces. …Eddie just happened to mention some of our customer favorites such as Wright’s Silver Cream, Brasso Metal Polish, Bar Keepers Friend, Weiman Wax Away and more!

Inspired yet, because we are!? (*Note that Modern Mix makes any coffee table look even better, as seen on the cover image below.)


Take time to enjoy your coffee table books and don’t be afraid to mix-it-up!


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