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Monograms CoverRenowned Lifestyle Expert Kimberly Schlegel Whitman, Editor-at-Large for Southern Living Magazine and Author of her recently released seventh book, Monograms For The Home: The Art of Marking Your Mark book review by Bering’s will hopefully serve as a fun and inspirational look at the historically rich monogram. The book features an exclusive look at monogramming in the 21st century, offering an inside look at both the history of monograms and ciphers, and how each can be incorporated into our everyday lives.

Kimberly Schlegel Whitman
Kimberly Schlegel Whitman

Through Kimberly’s talent for making the ordinary extraordinary, she stresses the importance of finding a personalized stamp that complements the individuality and style of the reader. In an age when “branding” is trending, a monogram is a way to make a statement throughout one’s life and home. Through each chapter, readers embark on a journey with endless options for your entryway, table, powder room, bedroom, bath, kitchen, bar, nursery, living room, and seasonal entertaining. Kimberly also provides her signature modern day etiquette with images to learn from as well as inspire.

While it was difficult narrowing down our favorite features in the book, please scroll below for a sneak peek that is sure to assist you in marking your mark!

historyofmonogramsWhile the graphic above defines what this section covers, we especially love how it is historically rich noting the evolution of monograms in a manner that speaks to today’s lifestyles in all things home decor and more.

monogramsathomeThis section instantly had our attention thanks to the beautiful imagery and complementing historical nuggets and commentary by Kimberly and others.

reedandbarton whitmanReed & Barton‘s Burgundy tray is even more radiant with this beautiful cypher!

royal crown derby linensRoyal Crown Derby place settings are truly magnificent on their own, and even more so with Kimberly’s married monogrammed napkin displayed as part of the tablescape drawing a unique juxtaposition designed on the classic white hemstitch linen, paired with the Olde Avesbury pattern. (The duo is even more appealing given that Royal Crown Derby‘s Olde Avesbury pattern was taken from an embroidery in 1932!)

juliska monogramsOnce you are able to slowly move your eyes off the place cards fit for royalty with the host’s monogram beautifully printed at the top and the guest’s name below, it goes without saying why this picture/feature is one of our favorites! The menu with the bird dog at the top and delicately typed paper is amazing paired with Juliska‘s Country Estate and complementing Le Penier pattern place setting.

Herend RustFinally, we can all agree that the featured monogram above is truly special! According to Kimberly’s book, when it comes to table linens the lady’s monogram is traditionally used. However, we love that she opted to use her married initials on this lovely napkin! …And if you weren’t already onto what we are about to say, and/or already knew, then it should be of no surprise that one of Kimberly’s seven books is actually titled Tablescapes! As big of fans as we are about the linen, it is perfection seeing Herend‘s Chinese Bouquet Rust pattern!

If you are as intrigued with this book as we are, then allow us to share a few more reasons why it is meant to share and be treasured, as Monograms For The Home covers some areas we could all brush up on when it comes to the following commonly used monogram etiquette:

  1. Barware engraving and monogramming
  2. The history of engraving and monogramming according to marital status
  3. Bath monograms, table linens, desk decor and more
  4. Two-letter, three-letter and more than three-letter monogram uses and when to consider ordering or creating a cypher

Knowing the rules not only better prepares you for ordering monogrammed pieces for yourself, but is wonderful to note when gifting others. As many of our customers know, Emily Post wrote the book on etiquette and it made us smile reading how much Kimberly enlisted the additional expertise of Emily’s daughter, Peggy Post when mentioning why the rules are the way they are and when it is okay to break them.

blue is the best whitman
*A room featured in Monograms For The Home by Kimberly Schlegel Whitman.

Kimberly was recently quoted with the comment, “Monograms are a beautiful way to embrace your personal style and add your signature touch in everyday life.” We couldn’t agree more and are thrilled to host her for her Houston, Texas book signing!

Please join us on December 5th at our 6102 Westheimer store location, from 11 a.m. – 2 p.m. To RSVP, please click here:

updatedwhitmanartBooks are available on Bering’s website by clicking here, as well as at both store locations and will also be for sale during the event. …And on the note of monogramming, be sure to visit our stationery department to begin marking your own mark!



About the Author:

Kimberly Schlegel Whitman has a talent for making the ordinary extraordinary and has taken her original and clever take on parties and created an entrepreneurial empire. Whitman has built this entrepreneurial empire around her entertainer and style authority voice. Whitman and her widely flourishing businesses have been featured in national publications, including Vanity Fair, Elle, Vogue, Town and Country, the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Real Simple, and Four Seasons Magazine.

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