Why Shop at Bering’s?

The Bering’s Way

One of the things I love about working at Bering’s is listening to customers say how much they love our store. I have worked in retail more than 40 years and I have never worked in a store in which I hear customers repeatedly state “I love this store!”

It truly amazes me how Bering’s customers treat our store as a tourist attraction and it is very common to see families bring in out-of-town family members to tour our store. It’s fun to see them walking their friends around the store and explaining why they love shopping at Bering’s.

One of the phrases we hear on a regular basis is “Bering’s has everything”.  This is a statement that sums up why we were rated as one of the top 25 retail stores in America in the book; Retail Superstars – Inside the 25 Best Independent Stores in America by George Whalin.

So what is it that makes Bering’s so special? Why have we been recognized as the Neiman Marcus of Hardware? Is it the wide variety of products we carry? Is it our location? Is it our customer service? Is it the employees?

The answer is all of the above.

What makes Bering’s so unique is the wide range of products we carry. From Baccarat Crystal to Yeti Coolers, from men’s clothing to baby clothing, from hardware to paint and lawn & garden to housewares. Our unique product mix separates us from traditional hardware stores. But what truly separates us from other stores is our exemplary customer service. Our knowledgeable and dedicated staff is truly what separates Bering’s from the “Big Box” retail chain stores. Not only are our employees experienced and knowledgeable, they actually care about our customers and they always go the extra mile to make sure that every customer feels welcomed and are given the best customer service in the industry . This is referred to as “The Bering’s Way” and it is definitely the key to our success.

As the retail landscape continues to change and more and more people rely on online shopping, we are confident that we can continue to thrive because you cannot duplicate “The Bering’s Way” with an app or digital service. The Bering’s Way is the result of people who care about their customers and are willing to jump through hoops to insure each and every customer receives that special individual attention that keeps them coming back for more.

So if you’re looking for a unique shopping experience with real people who truly care about customers and customer service look no further than Bering’s hardware. It’s your one stop shop for all of your hardware and gift shopping needs.

Stop in today and experience “The Bering’s Way”.

You’ll be glad you did.

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