MelamaniaMelamine dishes available at Bering's Hardware

Summer is here and it’s time for some al fresco dining! With everything else you’re worrying about during your get-togethers this summer, don’t let your dinnerware be one of them. Today, we’re gonna talk melamine. Why melamine? There are so many benefits to hosting your summer parties with these beautiful, durable pieces. First and foremost, melamine is shatter resistant, so you don’t have to worry about your plates and cups accidentally falling over and smashing to bits. It’ll take a lot more than that to even make a dent! Although melamine is not microwave safe, it is top-rack dishwasher safe so there’s no need to think about lengthy clean up afterwards; and let’s be honest, will you really need to microwave those patties you’ve just taken off the grill?

The great thing about melamine products is that they’re great insulators. Melamine does not conduct heat, so when you’ve placed a hot serving of food on the plate you won’t feel that heat on your hands. This is great for keeping your hot meals hotter longer and your cold meals stay nice and fresh throughout your picnics.

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s talk about one of our favorite vendors for melamine: Juliska. They’re one of Bering’s most sought out brands for everyday dinnerware, and we’re super excited they’ve come out with a melamine collection!

If you know anything about Juliska, you know the Berry & Thread line. It’s their most popular everyday pattern (and it’s one of our favorites too!), and now, it’s available in melamine!  The real versatility of the Berry & Thread set is that they look great alone or you can add a pop of color by layering them with one of their three other patterns – Lalana, Splatter & Spin, or Oceanica. Lalana features a wonderful floral and bird pattern, while Splatter & Spin has a Jackson Pollock feel in different hues of cobalt blue. Oceanica is perfect for the lover of all things coastal with a ruffled design of orange hued lobster tails and bright blue oysters featured on their dinner plate, and a more intricate design highlighting sea shells on their salad plate. All the collections are meant to mix & match – we personally love to layer them to really showcase their individual designs. Serving pieces are also available as well as acrylic drinkware so Juliska’s got your whole shindig covered!

The look and feel of these products is high end but prices are reasonable, ranging from $12.00 to $42.00. So next time you’re in Bering’s, visit the Gift Shop and ask us about our Juliska Al Fresco products. We’d love to get you set up and ready to creat some unforgettable moments!

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