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We were recently asked to contribute to a very special wedding edition of The Buzz Magazine. The current February issue aligns perfectly with the overarching month of love, with both Valentine’s Day and Wedding Season. Buzz Writer, Andria Frankfort did a beautiful job on the piece and we hope you enjoy it as much as we continue to!

In Andria’s article, China Patterns, family is reinforced as being the heart of the matter and the memorable meals and time spent together when using your dinnerware. While some couples do not initially think about the legacy of their dinnerware, at one point or another it is a nice thought considering the pieces might be passed down. Life is full of sentimental heirloom pieces, and dinnerware is no exception.

Bering’s bride and groom-to-be, Devon Rutherford and Aaron Roberts drew on the love of a family pattern that was given to Devon by incorporating a few new pieces.

Here is a little excerpt from Andria’s Buzz article:

When pairing old and new, like Devon and Aaron, things can get a little complicated.

The couple worked with Sabrina Sims, Bering’s Chief Registry Consultant, to make their decisions. “What’s important to most people I work with is asserting their own style, but also holding on to tradition,” Sabrina says. “We try to incorporate tradition and new so they can put their own spin on it.”

Because Devon’s family pattern is so simple, she and Aaron chose accent pieces – Wedgewood “Basilica” salad plates and Herend “Babos” chargers. “To jazz it up,” she says.

Devon“People come in with a different focus,” Sabrina says. “Some care about the handle on the teacup, so we’ll start there. Sometimes we work around a dinner plate.”

Thanks, Devon and Aaron, Andria and The Buzz, as well as our very own Sabrina!

For the full Buzz article, please click here. You can also view Devon and Aaron’s Bering’s registry by clicking here.

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