Waterford Crystal Gibson L7 full-scale Electric Guitar

Waterford Crystal Gibson L7 full-scale Electric Guitar

Matt Kehoe Designer and Michael Murphy Sculptor.

one-of-a-kind full-scale design in a series of 6 guitar styles
Waterford Crystal Gibson L7 full-scale Electric Guitar

Words by Matt Kehoe:

Michael and I have worked on many projects in the past, and what can I say about Michael is that he’s only a dream to work with. I think when Michael sees me walking up the Factory floor with a few rolled up A3s under my arm he knows there’s trouble ahead ….Me!

Michael is always the first I call upon when there is a sculpting project on the go. We will sit down and discuss the project intensively. Figuring out how we are going to accomplish the next design.

This had to be special and it is, the Waterford Crystal electric guitar an iconic guitar shape and one of the most challenging projects to date.

It’s a full-scale work of art, with each and every piece hand sculpted and joined together with extreme precision.  Nothing else will do as Waterford is known for its design and quality.

Many Artisans played an important part in creating such a beautiful piece. With a project like this all hands were on deck as it is new and different so everyone wants to get it right.

The Guitar took 12 weeks from start to finish.  From design ideas, blocks of blown crystal, straight to sculpting and on to the cutting shop. The intensity of the sculpting some days would leave Michael walking away with aching arms from a hard day’s work of shaping and smoothing the crystal. When each piece is shaped it is ready for the pattern to be marked on.  The pattern has to be right, because once it is cut, it is cut, and there’s no going back. So on to one of our greatest Master cutters Tommy Power with over 45 years’ experience.  This is someone I can hand over a piece to be cut and I can walk away with confidence knowing it will be cut to perfection, and yes it is!

So all of the sections of the guitar are designed, sculpted, cut and after 10 weeks of hard work the guitar parts are ready to be bonded together.  Again Michael’s expertise is shown here when he bonds each piece with meticulous precision.

When the final stage is complete and after12 weeks of intense work, a masterpiece has been created and we at Waterford are very proud of this beautiful piece of Crystal.  It was certainly a wonderful challenge to accomplish and we know it will go to a good home.

  • Matt Kehoe

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