A Few Notes on Some of Our Top Selling Brands

Sure you might like a product or hear how amazing it is from a friend, but often times the details or story make the product that much more spectacular. In trying to decide how best to go about this blog post, narrowing down the list of products was by far the most difficult part. With so many items in the store ranging from a single screw or nail to paint, to stationery and Baccarat crystal – there are far too many wonderful brands and products to mention! Nonetheless, we are confident our list of items below will not only be familiar ones, but perhaps you’ll have more of an appreciation for the quality, history or overall coolness! Yes, the list is very eclectic! …As is our store, the best of everything under one roof.

We hope you enjoy a few notes and tidbits about the manufacturers listed below!

Royal Copenhagen – Blue Fluted – While blue and white is synonymous with classic and popular for decorating as well as dominating patterns in the fine china world, Royal Copenhagen’s Blue Fluted was one of the first. It was founded in Copenhagen in 1775, under Queen Juliane Marie. Prior to this fine china line, porcelain was unknown outside of China. Yes, Blue Fluted is the longest running china pattern. It is one our favorites because it is as elegant as it is useable. Its sleek sophisticated pattern lends itself to not only delicious dishes, but setting around your house as wonderful décor as well.
Royal Copenhagen Blue Fluted ChinaBig Green Egg – We Texans pride ourselves on having “the best bar-b-que.” If you haven’t ventured offBig Green Egg Large Grill and Nest the grill yet, then might we suggest doing so with this exquisite grill/smoker/outdoor oven? The egg technology is derived from a Japanese steam cooker most commonly referred to as a kamodo. It is reported that servicemen first noticed these cookers during WWII and brought the design home. The Big Green Egg company was founded in 1974 in Atlanta.
We are particularly impressed by the flavor the high heat cookers produce – with temperatures over 600 degrees. These charcoal smokers can be used for smoking or grilling and with the addition of accessories they can also be used to bake bread or cook a pizza. You won’t be disappointed, if anything, you’ll most likely be asking yourself why it took you so long to make the switch from “regular” grilling.

Yeti Coolers – Why Yeti? Why not is more like it! These Yeti Coolers - Certified Bear Resistant!coolers truly keep ice longer. While they might be a larger upfront investment, they are built to last. …Did we mention they are actually certified as bear proof? Don’t believe us, there is a video on their site to prove it! These tough coolers are also based out of Austin, TX! As a homegrown company our self, we are always supportive of quality products that are also homegrown.

Wilton Armetale – This brand dates back to 1935 in Pennsylvania. Here are a few more reasons why we love Wilton Armetale:
• You can use the decorative pieces in your oven or freezer
• They are functional and durable, meaning they won’t crack or dent
• You can chill foods in the pieces
• Non-toxic – safe for cooking

Wilton Armetale Collection

Crane & Co. – Cotton, not wood, is what Crane stationery is made of. In fact, it is the same paper our U.S. currency is printed on. For the finest quality in stationery, Crane & Co. delivers every time! And well, we know that trendy stationery comes and goes – not Crane & Co. The company has been providing the highest quality of craftsmanship to stationery since 1801.

Crane and Company Stationery

Jon Hart – Aside from the obvious good looking pieces with monograms, Jon Hart is made in San Antonio, TX. If that isn’t enough to get you interested, each piece is handmade.

Jon Hart Luggage

Pickard ChinaPickard – Founded in Wisconsin in 1893, Pickard typifies an American standard in fine china. *Each piece of china produced in the Pickard factory passes through a minimum of 21 stages and three 100% inspections, and is handled by Pickard employees averaging 18 years on the job. And if you are curious about the details, pieces with gold edges and detail are decorated with 24K gold, pure platinum and brilliant cobalt.
We also love the patriotic aspect of this brand. In 1977, Pickard, Inc. was selected by the U.S. Department of State to manufacture the official china service used by our embassies and other diplomatic missions around the world. The special decoration has an embossed gold border of stars and stripes, and an embossed reproduction of the Great Seal of the United States. Pickard has also been commissioned to produce custom china for Air Force One, Blair House and Camp David.
With all of this said, plain and simple – the pieces are as beautiful as they are timeless. We especially love their line of chargers/service plates.

Kissy Kissy ChildrenswearKissy Kissy – Kissy Kissy made the cut because of one reason – SOFT! The Peruvian pima cotton the brand makes their baby garments from is extremely soft on the delicate skin of infants. We also love that garments with embroidery are crafted by hand. Don’t take our word for it, feel the difference for yourself!

Tervis Tumblers – Where to begin? Hmm, lifetime guarantee, made in the U.S.A, no rings left on your furniture… We can actually go on! …These sleek drink containers keep both cold drinks cold, and hot drinks hot. They are a household essential. Go ahead and make the switch to Tervis, you won’t be disappointed!
And like so many of the products previously mentioned, Tervis is made in the U.S.A! That is always something to drink to.

Tervis Tumblers

…Novelty of these great products aside, now you know “the rest of the story!”

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