Bering’s Big Green Egg Beef Ribs Recipe


m_BGE Med Grill


  • 3-4 bones beef ribs-(Make sure they haven’t been trimmed)
  • Kosher salt
  • Coarse ground pepper
  • Light brown or granulated sugar
  • Canola oil

Cooking Concept: Smoke and Steam

We will utilize a couple of different cooking techniques to create moist ribs with a nice bark. Start by using smoke to add flavor and texture to the ribs, and then wrap the ribs to let steam add moisture to our meat. Desired cooking temperature is 275 degrees.

Food Prep:

  1. Trim beef ribs of silver skin and fat
  2. If the membrane is very thick, simply score it with a small knife on the bones
  3. Using paper towels, pat the ribs down to remove any water moisture
  4. Liberally sprinkle kosher salt all over ribs
  5. Mix 2 parts pepper to 1 tablespoon sugar and mix
  6. Apply pepper and sugar mixture to ribs
  7. Place ribs on cooling rack with aluminum foil or baking sheet underneath
  8. If using temperature probe, insert into the deepest part of your ribs
    1. Make sure to avoid contacting a bone as this will produce false readings
  9. Let your ribs sit for an hour to 1½ half.

BBQ Items:

  • 8-10 Hickory or any of your favorite wood chunks like pecan or oak
  • 2 Aluminum drip pans, one with about 1-2 inch of water in the pan, the other to steam the ribs
  • Remote Monitoring Temperature Probe


  1. Soak wood chunks for about 15 minutes.
  2. Place 4 wood chunks in center of aluminum foil, then wrap. (Use the smaller ones here)
  3. Poke holes on top of the aluminum foil (about 10-15)

BGE Setup:

  1. Fill BGE with charcoal to just below the first ring if using charcoal starters
  2. If using a lighting coil, form pyramid with your charcoal
  3. With vents wide open on bottom and top, light fire and after about 10 minutes, use your ash tool to stir the charcoal up (This will help the fire spread quicker)
  4. Place wood chunks in smoke poach directly in center of charcoal
  5. Place remaining wood chunks around the charcoal; for safety, make sure to use tongs or your ash tool to push the wood chunks into the charcoal
  6. Place plate setter (legs up) for indirect cooking
  7. Place aluminum pan on top of plate setter (this will be used to add moisture to the meat, plus take care of the fat drippings
  8. Place grill on plate setter
  9. Leave BGE open until smoke starts to develop, this can take anywhere from 5-10 minutes
  10. Close lid and leave vents open until temperature reaches 275 degrees
  11. Open the BGE and place the beef ribs on the grill with thicker part to the back of the BGE
  12. Smoke the ribs at 275 degrees for about 2-3 hours or until internal temperature reaches 165-168 degrees
  13. Remove ribs and place in aluminum pan and cover tightly with two layers of aluminum foil
  14. Remove water drip pan
  15. Place ribs on grill and cook until internal temperature reaches 185-190 degrees
  16. Remove ribs from aluminum pan and wrap in butcher and place in a cooler or oven (You can also place on a cooling rack and tent with aluminum foil in your oven)
  17. Let ribs sit for 45 minutes to an hour


  • Allowing the meat to come to room temperature will help the meat retain moisture and remain tender.
  • Steaming will start slow then accelerate, make sure to pay attention to your temperature. This typically take 1 1½ hours.
  • Place your wood chunks and smoking pouch directly on the hot charcoal, this will accelerate the smoking process.



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