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Raise a Glass This Father’s Day By Gifting Bering’s Wide Selection of Waterford

This Father’s Day we’re raising a toast to the ones who taught us how to tie a shoe and ride a bike, throw the ball and swing just right. The ones quick with the “jokes,” and the stories, the strong shoulders, and the big hugs. The way we see it, Dads are more than just a sum of their actions and deserve gifts befitting all the ways they make those around them feel special. This Father’s Day, we’ve rounded up the very best of Waterford glassware, decanters and accessories that are sure to wow him Sunday, June 18.

No matter his palate, discerning dad will appreciate the art and architecture of Waterford’s glassware. This is glassware that understands the needs of cognac, whiskey, brandy and cocktails such as a Manhattan or Old Fashioned. Start with the Lismore Diamond Shot Glass Set, a stunning set of glasses, rooted in Waterford’s classic design, but updated for now with intricate diamond cuts rendered in radiant fine crystal.

Add some intrigue to his glassware with the Lismore Black Hiball, presented in a rich opaque black hue, adding a bold contrast to what’s contained within. These are the glasses he’ll appreciate on warm days since the Lismore Hiball glasses were made for cool cocktails and other bar-favorite mixed drinks. Hand-crafted and just the right weight, these are sure to be dad’s new go-to’s.

Waterford Lismore Black Hiball Pair, $315

Perhaps he needs some updated tumblers this Father’s Day? The Connoisseur Aras Straight Tumbler Set elevates the traditional whiskey glass with a smaller diameter, so all his senses are intrigued by the honey-colored goodness within. Enjoy concentrated aromas, the space for aggressive notes to mellow and an in-hand feel worthy of Pappy or Kikori.

Another option is the Waterford Lismore Essence, the next generation of the classic Lismore pattern. The lighter wall of these cool, contemporary tumblers gives ice cubes a musical note when they hit the glass and gives the sipper plenty to sing about. Dad will appreciate all the delicious times two with a set of the Lismore Double Old Fashioned crystal tumbler glasses, with plenty of space for ice if “neat” isn’t his preferred way to sip. He’ll know it’s Waterford thanks to the iconic diamond and wedge cuts of the famous Lismore pattern.

If Pops prefers a digestif, our collection of Cognac, Brandy and Rum glassware is a delightful end to any evening. The design of the Connoisseur Lismore Cognac Glass Set pairs perfectly with the flavors and aromas of Cognac, made with a long stem to keep the hand’s heat away from the bowl of the glass. The shape allows the spirit’s aroma to develop at its own pace and the tapered shape and narrow mouth leave a lasting impression.

Waterford Connoisseur Lismore Cognac Glass Set, $210

The Brandy Balloon is the most classic of spirits glass shapes, designed to amplify the delicate flavors of the finest drinks. The Connoisseur Lismore Diamond Brandy Balloon design is iconic artistry right in the palm of your hand thanks to the thick crystal which serves as a barrier, keeping the brandy at just the right temperature–allowing the aromas to build slowly in the bowl. The scent and taste perfectly linger every time. The Lismore Snifter and Tasting Cap rounds out our selection of Waterford glassware with an easy-sipping shape. The tasting cap complements the glass, trapping aroma within and allowing it to intensify and develop between sips, so don’t be surprised when Dad asks for another pour.

If you’re gifting Dad a bottle of his favorite Cab, go the extra mile and present it with an heirloom quality Waterford decanter. Big bold reds will blossom and mellow in the Lismore Nouveau Decanting Carafe specially designed to expose decanted wine to oxygen by maximizing the surface area. The decanter’s slender neck and reassuringly weighted base are crafted for flawless practicality and easy pouring, holding 60 ounces. Aerating has never looked so good!

Waterford Lismore Nouveau Decanting Carafe, $395

The Lismore Ships Decanter is a delight to the eyes and the best way to maximize the look, taste and scent of the spirit within. The decanter is an ode to the signature diamond and wedge cuts of the classic Lismore pattern, making it a beautiful piece for every occasion. No matter what he likes to drink, an ice bucket is always a welcome gift. The iconic Lismore Ice Bucket is characterized by the stunning clarity of Lismore’s signature diamond and wedge cut crystal and comes with stainless steel tongs.
Need some help with deciding just what he’ll love? Our experienced staff can recommend the perfect gift—and wrap it up too!

Cheers to those who we call dad, father, pops and friend!

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