Party Planning with Bering’s

Party Planning with Berings

Big or small, most everyone has thrown a party. No matter the size or occasion, the planner is usually faced with a bit more ‘to-do’s’ than they originally planned for. Not to worry, a short check-list will set you at ease and your guests will be pleased.

The first step is the ever important check list …Thankfully we have it covered for you- right here!!

1. The Check List – This is it!

2. Invitation List – Although you probably don’t need a list to remember every person who is coming to a small gathering, it is often very useful to have a visual aid. For every subsequent step in the planning process, having a work list of who is invited, who has responded and who might have special needs (peanut allergies, vegetarians, etc) can be a godsend.

3. Theme – Once you have your invite list, be sure to know what your theme is. By theme, I do not mean occasion. Themes run the gamut- from a red party, where everything is red (or all white, green or black), to a serene baptism where everything is crisp and white. Knowing the theme, or at least having an idea will help to make all of the decisions a bit easier- as well as more creative and fun!

InvitationsWith so many online invitation options, it is extremely easy to order them in a hurry – with a perceived value savings. However, doing so also makes it extremely easy to make errors in grammar as well as the most basic of etiquette errors. To fully understand the difference of ordering invitations online versus dealing with a skilled stationer, in person, you really do need to experience it for yourself. You will most likely be surprised at the ease of taking an hour out of your day to come in and meet with a Bering’s stationer. They know what they are doing, resulting in a much easier role for you- The Party Planner (EXTRODINAIR)! …I am also willing to bet you will be equally surprised when you go to pay for your invitations. Along with knowing the ins and outs of invitation and stationery details, professional stationers Place Cardsalso work with your budget- no matter how big or small it might be.

5. Place Cards
While place cards are not a requirement,they are not just for formal events and weddings. They can also be used as a label in front of a tray of cookies or favors to add a fun flair. For example, you might place one in front of a punch bowl that reads “Pirates Punch”! It adds a fun touch. …And keeps with your theme!

Paper Goods
Yes, these are paper plates (by Caspari)

6. Paper Goods
From formal to casual we have paper goods to fit your needs. We can monogram your napkins for a wedding shower or birthday, or even monogram can coolers and cups. Monograms are always impactful. If a custom monogram is more than you want to get into, you are sure to find pre-monogrammed options with fun sayings and themes- that are all ready to go.
Still, if monograms are completely off the table or don’t match your aesthetic, then that works too! With great lines of paper goods, like Caspari, you will not be disappointed. These little touches add up to what can be not only a great time, but a beautifully festive and memorable one too!

7. Return Stamp & Letter Press
Return Stamp letter pressIf you do not already own a return address stamp or letter press, you might consider investing in one – or both. Return stamps are typically a bit more casual, while letter presses tend to be a bit more conservative and somewhat formal. Either way, they are a onetime investment that can be used as long as you live at the same address. Both can be purchased at either Bering’s location.
Personalized return stamps, presses or custom printing is not an invitation requirement, but as previously mentioned – a bit of eye candy!

8. Party Favors

party favorsLet me just ask you one thing, “Who doesn’t like a little swag?!” Exactly! We all love leaving with a little memorable something. Again, it is not a requirement, nor should any of your guests expect a favor, but a nice way to cap the event.
Bering’s has favors, favors and more favors. This is the one area of this post that extends beyond our stationery department. You might choose to have a bug themed party for your little boy’s party and have gummy worms in plastic bags with a ribbon and name tag (similar to the place card option above). Don’t forget your plastic bags can be purchased in the stationery department! For more options, simply ask your stationer or do a quick Google or Pinterest search. Trust me, the options are endless!

In closing, YOU, the party planner, hostess or whichever title you prefer have plenty of to-do’s that we did not even cover (but probably should have- like grilling, outdoor seating, a new outfit for your little one, etc. Those items will be covered in another blog post). Outsource your role to experts who care and will help to make your party a special one. …All while helping to keep your stress level down. After all, the party is for you too!

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