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The Soon-To-Be, Mr. & Mrs. Andrew Mealey!

Did you know the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo is a great place to find your soulmate?

The Start of Something Extra Special

Andrew and Caroline met during their sophomore year of high school at the 2011 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. Caroline was there with her high school best friend and Andrew was with a group of friends as well. They bumped into each other at the carnival, and although Caroline wanted to say that sparks started to fly… she was only concerned about going inside to watch the Lady A concert. A week later, Caroline was at the rodeo again with two of her close friends. One of her friends, Will, told Andrew she would be there that night. Will and Andrew planned a “run-in” but tried to make it casual. Andrew and Caroline spent the rest of the evening riding rides at the carnival and getting to know each other. After walking around the entire carnival, they passed his favorite ride (The Zipper), and he begged her to ride it with him. Caroline likes rides, but she drew the line at continuously being flipped around in a small cage. In an effort to let him down easy, she promised she would ride it with him next time – fully thinking she likely would never see him again. Boy, was she wrong! Now each year when they go to the rodeo, she fulfills her promise to ride The Zipper with Andrew.

The Proposal

Andrew absolutely nailed the proposal! Caroline describes him as “one of the most thoughtful people that I know, which is why his proposal was so unforgettable.” Andrew surprised Caroline with a weekend trip to La Cantera Resort and Spa in San Antonio. As soon as they arrived, Andrew took Caroline straight to the spa where they spent the entire day getting pampered. Andrew left to “check-in” while Caroline is finishing her hair. As she opened up her spa locker, she saw a pink dress (that she did not pack), shoes, makeup, and a note from Andrew. He was going to pick her up from the spa for an early dinner. Andrew shows up in a golf card and drove Caroline to where she thought was a restaurant, but ended up being a beautiful little villa. They walked onto a balcony through a trail of roses, and Andrew asked Caroline to marry him. Caroline describes it by saying, “I can truly say I have never felt happier and more joyful that I was in that moment. The proposal itself was such a blur to be honest; we couldn’t even remember if I actually said yes or not until we watched the video that he had recorded. I exclaimed YES!”

Wedding Details

Caroline and Andrew will be getting married on February 6th, 2021. Caroline says, “Rain or shine, COVID or not, we are so excited to get married!” Their wedding will take place at St. Luke’s Methodist and the reception will be at River Oaks Country Club. Their wedding colors are blush, champagne, and gold – Caroline says that Andrew is being a great sport about this!

Registering at Bering’s

For Caroline and Andrew, registering at Bering’s was a no brainer. Caroline grew up coming to Bering’s so she said registering here “just made sense.” Caroline says, “Bering’s has everything so it’s a really great place to build a robust registry with items that are both exciting for the bride and groom!” Caroline and Andrew are also working with Bering’s stationery department for all of their personal wedding stationery. They choose a gorgeous L’Objet pattern for their China and Juliska’s Berry and Thread for their everyday dinnerware.

After the Wedding

Due to Covid, this lovely couple is planning on a mini-moon in the United States to celebrate their marriage!

A note from the Bride & Groom

“We are so fortunate to get to plan a wedding with the support and help from each of our families and our amazing wedding planner, Beth Werner, with Kelly Throne Events! Even in the midst of the uncertainty due to Covid, it has made it even more apparent that getting to marry Andrew is all that matters, even if it looks different than we originally imagined.”

Lastly, Caroline & Andrew want to give a special thanks to Alex, one of our bridal specialist, for being so sweet and knowledgeable during their process of registering at Bering’s!

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