Bering’s Newest Gourmet Line, Gullah Gourmet

One of Bering’s newest gourmet lines is Gullah Gourmet – and soon to be your favorite!

About Gullah Gourmet

Located in one of the South’s most historic cities, Charleston, South Carolina – Gullah Gourmet is known for their southern hospitality, great food, and wonderful mix of people, traditions, and dialects.

In the summer of 1994, Gullah Gourmet was launched. Because food is such a big part of low-country living, they wanted to capture the flavor of this lifestyle for you to enjoy and take back home with you to share with your family and friends. Each bag of their products has the ingredients to make wonderful gourmet meals, breads, dips, and desserts with very little effort.

In addition to their “Quick, Easy & Delicious” meals, they wanted their customers to experience the beautiful Gullah language. Gullah is a cross between Elizabethan English and various African languages. Most visitors find it difficult to understand because the speech is rapid and rhythmic. They wanted to help preserve this wonderful aspect of our low-country culture by sharing a little sampling of it with you. They did this by incorporating a modified version in the instructions of each of their product bags.

Gullah Gourmet Products at Bering’s

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