Bering’s Bridal Feature – Ms. Julia Atnipp & Mr. Adam Stellar

This is such an amazing couple!! Julia and Adam are a very dynamic duo with a wonderful life ahead. I am excited about introducing you to this pair. When trying to decide how to “re-tell” how the couple met, I decided it would be best to credit the groom-to-be, Mr. Adam Stellar. Here is his version (It is very funny!):

Julia and Adam met on a dark and stormy night in Fort Worth, April 17, 2008. Adam left work late, because he is a hard working, dedicated member of Jetta Operating Company’s land department. After leaving the office, Adam headed to “Chimy’s”, a newly opened bar in Fort Worth. Dark clouds were quickly rolling in over 7th Street, but he figured it was just a typical Texas thunderstorm. He parked his car and went inside to meet one of his buddies, Jonathan. He took a seat at a booth and waited for his friend.

Unbeknownst to Adam, his future wife was sitting in the booth across from him, having some chips and salsa and a few too many margaritas. Julia had turned twenty-one a week earlier and was making sure everyone was aware. Normally soft spoken and reserved (*cough), Julia was taking the small, sparsely populated bar by hostage. She had arrived with a gaggle of friends, which piqued the interest of Adam, who was unattached. Before approaching the group of young ladies, Adam had to build up some courage. After several drinks, he had almost mustered up the nerve to face the group. However, he became distracted when he received a YouTube video is his Inbox from one Bo Hannis.

This video was not up to Kinkaid’s fine standards, so when Adam began laughing and discussing the video with this friend, Julia turned around from her booth and gave both an annoyed look and her patented “Really…Really?” She turned back around in a huff and Adam ignored her. He had already retrained his sights on the handful of blonde girls in her entourage and had written her off as “the mean one”. With drink in hand Adam approached the group and sparked conversations with several of her friends. They weren’t interested. Ashley had some big shot TCU baseball player boyfriend, and Adam knew Candice and Laura wouldn’t fall for his charm so he had to start talking to “the mean one” again.

She wasn’t that bad, but he was still wary of her. As neither of them seemed very interested in the other, Adam went to go close his tab and head to another bar with more courteous young women. Before he reached the register an announcement was made, “NO ONE IS LEAVING!! HAIL AND TORNADOS ARE COMING, NO ONE LEAVES THIS BAR!!”  So there he was, stuck in an empty bar with one friend and a group of girls that didn’t like him, so he tried to make the best of the situation. He bought some drinks for the girls and began talking to Julia again. She started to lighten up a little.

The bar was pelted by rain, hail and wind for over two hours. Around 9:30 the storm began to blow over. Adam and Julia had talked most of the night and buried the hatchet. Around 10:00 Julia’s friends decided to go to the Aardvark, a TCU underage spot. Adam felt he was way too cool for this so told her to go on without him. Julia was crushed. She had just met the man of her dreams and he denied her invitation to accompany her to the Aardvark. She felt she would never recover. At least that’s how Adam remembers it.

As they were getting up to leave, Adam asked for her number. Julia gave it to him, of course, and also asked if he would drive her and Laura to their car because “it was parked far away”. Adam took a swig of his drink and responded, “I’ve got golf clubs in the back, looks like you’re walking.” Julia wasn’t nearly as amused as Adam.

That night they went their separate ways, but they continued to talk and see each other regularly over the next few weeks. Since then they have pretty much been inseparable – and sometimes insufferable. Adam and Julia have traveled the world together (thanks Doug and Roni!), been to family occasions and events, countless Rangers games, work dinners, graduations and hundreds of nights of just staying in doing nothing.

…I KNOW, I KNOW, let’s hear about the proposal!!! Here it goes… Adam proposed on Sunday, January 9, 2011! He proposed the weekend of Julia’s brother’s bar mitzvah, in Houston, so Adam came to Houston as well as his parents and the rest of Julia’s family. After the festivities on Friday and Saturday Julia’s mother had breakfast “planned” for Sunday morning. All of the family was at the house along with Adam’s parents when Julia walked into her brother’s room, where Adam was packing up to tell him she was going downstairs to eat. Since he was “packing” he was already down on one knee and as she walked into the room he took her hand and said some really sweet things and pulled the ring box out of his pocket!! Of course she said yes, and we went downstairs to a planned (unknown to her) celebration! It was extra special because her granddad was there who is 86.

The couple will be married on January 7, 2012 at Congregation Beth Israel, with a beautiful reception to follow at Hotel ZaZa. From what I hear, their guests are in for a treat! …With beautiful colors of navy blue, white and purple and lots of mirrors and candles- sounds amazing!!

You might be asking where the couple is from. Julia is from Houston. She went to Kinkaid for 12 years, and Adam is from Fort Worth. True Texans!!

When I asked the couple why they decided to register at Bering’s, Julia had a very nice reply. She said, “I’ve always known I was going to register at Berings. It’s the only place I thought of when I started picking out my china. My mom has shopped there for as long as I can remember!”

Oh the anticipation of their registry! …But first, we need the history lesson. It is so interesting to know if the pattern the bride and groom selected is a family one, or if it is a personal preference. …In this case, it is a personal one! Julia said she made around four trips to Bering’s and could not decide which pattern to pick out. She said she finally decided on Bernardaud China and was so excited to show Adam. She said they were in town one weekend when she and her mother brought him to Bering’s to register for some more items. Upon walking into the gift shop with Adam, he made a b-line for the gold script monogram pattern by Pickard and said he liked it. Julia placed it with Bernardaud’s Elysee pattern and realized that they looked great together! …So they registered for both of them! Mixing and matching is always a clever option! Also gorgeous is the couple’s selection of Francis I sterling setting and Waterford Lismore crystal!

Stemware Pattern: Waterford’s Lismore is sure to add a huge sparkle to any tabletop, cocktail party or family get-together. Cheers!

Sterling Flatware: The two selected a gorgeous 5 piece silver setting by Reed & Barton Francis I. …Absolutely regal!

Formal Place Setting: As previously mentioned, there are not any rules that say you have to select one pattern. Often times mixing and matching more than one pattern is not only a way to find your unique style, but it breaks up the monotony of all one look. Mixing these two patterns also provides for a few more place settings for family dinners the two are sure to host in years to come!!

Pickard’s Golden Monogram & Bernardaud’s Elysee = Traditional Brilliance!

Julia and Adam wrapped up their wedding registry, with a stop or two to look at kitchen appliances and fun everyday china.

To see all of Julia and Adam’s registry please click here:

In closing, we at Bering’s wish Julia and Adam a beautiful wedding and a lifetime of love and happiness!

Until the next Bering’s BRIDAL Buzz!

Wedding fun,


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