Bering’s Bridal Feature – Susan & Hiram

Bering’s Bride & Groom – Susan Kaplan & Hiram Davis

You might say “blind luck” brought bride and groom to be, Susan & Hiram together. The two were setup by friends, and agreed to a blind date. When planning the first date, their way of recognizing each other was settled when Hiram told Susan he would have a red hat. Sure enough, Susan walked in and saw a red hat on his table. While the two met at Starbuck’s, and most likely ordered caffeinated drinks, no extra boost was needed- these two were off and planning their second and third dates!

Before continuing with this blog post, it is important to note that this bridal feature is extra special to us at Bering’s because we happen to have the privilege of working with Susan. You might recognize her from Bering’s Westheimer, where she works as a stationer. …Naturally, I asked her to be featured in Bering’s Bridal Buzz Blog as soon as I heard the
exciting engagement news! …Luckily she and her fiancé agreed!

…They say love takes time, and this pair not only dated for six years, but spent two of those years in two different cities!  Hiram moved from Houston to Austin about 4 years into the courtship.  Hiram and Susan overcame the distance and made the 180 mile commute back and forth pretty regularly. The two plan on continuing to live in two different cities after
they are married… Who doesn’t love the beauty of Austin and the amazing entertainment options of Houston??!! …Talk about the best of both worlds!

Hearing about the couple’s engagement would make any girl swoon. It was Susan’s birthday and Hiram drove in from Austin to pick her up for dinner. When Susan opened the door, she was met by Hiram holding two dozen red roses. Hiram walked into the living room, kneeled down on one knee and asked Susan to marry him! Susan was completely surprised, and of course said yes!  Who could refuse a man both so romantic and committed to making things work! Talk about making a girl feel special!

The soon to be Mr. & Mrs. will be married on September 24, 2011 at Lakeside Country Club. If you are not familiar with the venue, it is truly beautiful!

When I asked the couple why they chose to register at Bering’s, Hiram had such a clever reply! He said, “Bering’s is the ultimate destination for a gadget guy.” Susan’s reply was equally great, but somewhat predictable- after all, she does work at Bering’s! 🙂

Thankfully, the fun doesn’t end after the heart-stopping proposal.  In fact, some might argue that the fun is just starting after the, “I DO!” Susan and Hiram have acquired many things over the years, but are certainly looking forward to finally building a home together! Who wouldn’t want to start off with the perfect place settings?! So let’s dish about the couple’s amazing Bering’s wedding registry.

The two started their wedding registry off with Bering’s Bridal Specialist, Barbara Cook. Barbara steered the couple toward options that complemented their individual tastes and lifestyle.

Serveware:  The two selected some amazing serving pieces by Michael Aram and Interlude Home. …Invite the friends over just as an excuse to use these A-MA-ZING pieces!

Stemware Pattern:  William Yeoward’s Fanny Amber Goblet

Flatware:  The two selected a gorgeous 5 piece stainless set by Ricci Argentieri. Don’t you love the Spirale pattern?

Everyday Setting:  Hiram and Susan plan on a daily treat with an amazing everyday setting! Spode made the cut!!

Susan and Hiram wrapped up their bridal registry, with a stop or two to look at Big Green Eggs and Yeti Coolers. Bering’s Lawn & Garden Specialist, Tim, happily helped the couple out with all of the grilling details the Big Green Egg offers. After all, the bride can’t be the only one having fun! Hiram was delighted to have his turn!

Once the two wrapped up their registry items, it was finally time to start picking out their official announcement to the world- the SAVE THE DATES AND WEDDING INVITATIONS!

Fellow Bering’s Stationer, Cheri, met with the couple to review their many stationery options. Fun was had by all as they perused the range of choices.

While in the Stationery Department, Susan showed Hiram their wedding album… Oh, the pictures to come!!

To view Susan & Hiram’s wedding registry online click on the link below.

Susan & Hiram are such a lovely couple! Barbara, Tim, Cheri and I had a great time with the two and look forward to hearing about the great parties and get-togethers to come!

Until the next Bering’s BRIDAL Buzz!

Wedding fun,


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