Entertaining Options!

Today’s newly engaged couples are busier than ever with demanding jobs, social commitments, friends and family- and the list goes on! All of this adds up to a variety of factors and options to consider when creating your wedding registry. With so many options, knowing what you will actually use vs. what is fun to look at doesn’t have to be the case!

We recently hosted Lord Wedgwood and Jorge Perez for a two day event at Bering’s. The Saturday event was all about how to be a great hostess and entertain with style. This might seem a bit vague upon hearing what the event’s theme was; however, we think you will quickly understand when you see the amazing pictures we have listed below. Jorge Perez, who just happens to be the national spokesperson for Waterford & Wedgwood said it best with, “You should never register for something you can’t use at least three different ways.”
He then added, “Don’t lock your fine china and crystal in the crystal prison, just because your grandmother did.” He then explained how many options you have for each and every piece of crystal… Much more than one!

If you were unable to attend the event, then we hope you take a minute to look at the fun ways to use your serving ware! …Gone are the days of using a cake plate- just to serve cakes on. You can now turn it upside down and use it for chips and dip too!

The featured guests: Lord Wedgwood and Jorge Perez posed in front of a Rolls-Royce sitting on Wedgwood teacups! …Talk about some strong china!

Lord Wedgwood and Jorge Perez

Jorge started the event off with three tables to demonstrate how the pieces could be used for multiple uses. Don’t you love how he used a glass pitcher as a vase and the biscuit barrel to hold cotton balls?! …Why not?!! My favorite multi-use Waterford item displayed on this round table is the little glass tray. Would you believe it is actually a Waterford picture frame?! …So clever!

The table below is equally fun with even more multi-use options. Jorge chose to fill the ice bucket with peanuts, the champagne flute (girls they are not just for toasting at your wedding) to hold tasty little pirouettes, and a beautiful little double old fashion glass to serve as a vase!

Here is yet another alternative to use your pitcher!  …Popcorn anyone?

If your beautiful stemware is collecting dust because you are waiting for that “special”
occasion- then pull them out! We love Jorge’s idea of turning them over and putting a candle on them. The Kelsey Iced Beverage Glass by Waterford looks so chic right or up-side down!

Fun was had by all as Bering’s customers came to see Jorge’s tips and tricks to help entertain with style. Bering’s customers Kimberly and Kelly left with several fun options, and I think it is safe to say Little Cameron was equally entertained!

Before we sign off, we cannot forget to thank our amazing event sponsors Michael’s Cookie Jar and Chocolate Pizazz! Not only were there offerings delicious, but over-the-top amazingly beautiful! We think you will agree- check some of their creations out:

Michael’s Cookie Jar wedding cake and Chocolate Pizazz’ little bride and groom covered Oreos were my personal favorites, but let’s just say it almost silly to pick two favorites- when it was all so pretty!

Don’t you love the little Wedgwood blue cookie on top?!

This chocolate display is so amazing to look at- you almost feel guilty eating it!

…These little cookie cakes make perfect wedding gifts for your guests!

…Sweet, salty and glittery?!… Yes, please!

For more information on Chocolate Pizazz click here: http://www.chocolatepizazz.com/shop/

For more information on Michael’s Cookie Jar click here: http://www.michaelscookiejar.com/Default.asp?id=1&cookiename

…And don’t forget Bering’s when deciding where to register: www.berings.com!

Until the next Bering’s Bridal Buzz…

Wedding fun!


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