Lovely Dinnerware For Everyday Living…

Are you over your current dinnerware? For many of us, your everyday dinnerware is an afterthought at best. It is most likely an afterthought because you have either had them so incredibly long; they were passed down; or you have too many other items that need to be replaced–resulting in your everyday dinnerware purely serving as food holders.

A relatively new line of dinnerware really caught our eye, and we think it will catch yours too. The manufacturer is Terrafirma Ceramics. If the look and feel doesn’t sell you, then perhaps knowing that each piece is made entirely by hand and kiln-fired will. This aspect of their manufacture also helps to ensure that each piece is truly unique.
However, if the handmade description makes your skin crawl just thinking about the care of the pieces–the good news is all Terrafirma is food safe and completely machine washable. Pieces can even be placed in the microwave oven up to two minutes! …And did we forget to mention that Terrafirma is handcrafted in the U.S.A?! Here are some of our Terrafirma favorites:

Black Geometric

Terrafirma Black GeometricWhen I first saw the black geometric pattern, it surprised me just how much I liked it! The pattern is truly beautiful–yes… but I am not usually a black and white admirer when it comes to china/dinnerware. However, the beautiful kilned finish adds an artistic quality that is nothing short of delightful to look at. And well, really, black and white goes with everything! We are sure this black geometric pattern will add a contemporary, yet classic, touch to your tabletop.

Blue Floral

Terrafirma Blue FloralAll of you blue and white lovers (You know who you are!) will love a new take on the classic appeal that Terrafirma’s blue floral pattern offers. This dinnerware would look lovely placed atop a light yellow placemat, for a slight French country look. Or you might opt to stick with the beautiful contrasting blue and white by selecting a wicker or white placemat. These dinner plates would also look beautiful displayed on a plate rack in your kitchen. …The options are endless and so good looking!

Chestnut Geometric

Terrafirma Chestnut GeometricTerrafirma’s chestnut geometric is one of our top picks due to its timeless neutral appeal. The chestnut shade is aesthetically pleasing and sure to compliment most any kitchen. It would look especially amazing on a tabletop with rust colors such as dark red or maroon, tan or a deep green placemats to frame off the settings.

Regardless of whether you consider yourself an art enthusiast, if this beautiful Terrafirma dinnerware made your eyes widen–then you clearly have an appreciation for art! In fact, we love what the line’s founder has to say about her creations. Ellen states, “In our homes today, we want beautiful artistic objects that we can use comfortably everyday. My goal is to design tableware that enriches the presentation of food and in itself makes an elegant statement…yet is practical and durable enough for constant use. Please enjoy using and giving Terrafirma.”
We hope you take a moment to visualize yourself holding one of the dinner pieces pictured above the next time you reach for your current dinnerware, and the fun entertaining possibilities!


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