Grilling Your Way to Easy and Healthy Meals

Big…Green…emerald – no, garden – no. How about a Big Green Egg? The world of grilling, smoking and cooking on grills and smokers is traditionally marketed in a language and with imagery that speaks most profoundly to men. While we all know it has traditionally been effective, we also all know there are always two sides to the coin. All things grilling and smoking are an excellent way to also save time on dinner, clean-up as well as a good way to prepare healthy meals for you and your family.

To be honest, grills and the like have never been of any interest to me. That is until I went to visit a friend in her new home. While I was overtaken at the beauty of her new house, it was her unexpected enthusiasm about both her Big Green Egg and Firemagic Grill that I couldn’t stop thinking about. My friend is what you might describe as the Jackie “O” type- very girly and buttoned up. Yet she was going on and on about the Firemagic Grill’s easy to use features and how she plans on hanging out with her girls while she prepares dinner on it. Needless to say, I have an entirely new view of what I always considered to be a “man’s role.”
Firemagic Built-in GrillApparently the majority of us have the same traditional view, because it was all but impossible to find a female in a picture with a grill when combing through various image sites we marketers often turn to. Sure there were images of females with game-day shirts and pictures of a big group by the grill, but none that looked remotely close to my friend. Yes, she is the antithesis behind this blog, and well, while I do not pretend to know absolutely everything there is to know about grilling or smoking, or even cooking – we can all gain from new perspectives. …Especially when they are as simple as expanding our kitchens to our yards!
Big Green Egg with NestFrom grilling, smoking and/or cooking delicious healthy fish and chicken, to lean beef, pizzas, soups and more, the Big Green Egg and the Firemagic Grill are truly special investments that will win you over the first time you use them. They are excellent alternatives to your household kitchen. They are also a great way to let the kids wear themselves out in the backyard playing while you visit with them outside and prepare dinner. …So what gives?

Let’s start with the intimidation factor. For some grilling/smoking/cooking on a grill or smoker is, well, a bit foreign. …However, grilling on a Firemagic Grill or smoking and cooking in a Big Green Egg is so very easy! Below is a summary of reasons why we are “drinking the juice” and feel confident you will too:

Big Green Egg LogoAs the brand’s tagline reads, it is definitely not your average smoker. It is actually a cooker! I was a bit taken aback when I read and heard customers talking about just how “well-rounded” these ceramic smokers are. As previously mentioned, the clean burning of these eggs provides for the most delicious cobblers, casseroles, pizza, soup, and – oh right, meat! Big Green Egg in Action

According to Big Green Egg, U.S. servicemen discovered this style of cooking during World War II. Servicemen were impressed with the domed cooking alternative and even more impressed with the juiciness and amazing flavor that they provided.

American serviceman and entrepreneur Ed Fisher was one of the guys who discovered the domed clay cooker while overseas. He was amazed at how much better food cooked in the device tasted, and he began to import them for his friends and associates. …Thus the birth of Ed Fisher’s Big Green Egg!

Big Green Egg ShowroomWhat is so unique about the Big Green Egg, aside from the obvious “un-grill” façade are a number of things, in addition to the flavor. We like the clean grilling appeal of the Green Egg’s All Natural Hardwood Lump Charcoal. It is about as clean burning as you can get, and also prevents ash and clogging of the grill/smoker. The domed cooking truly enhances the flavor by locking in the juices of your dish, resulting in unbelievable flavor.

We also need to mention that The Big Green Egg (“BGE”) was the first ceramic grill manufacturer in the world to stand behind its products by offering a Limited Lifetime Warranty, and has done so for over twenty years! And yes, it is American made!

As wonderful as the Big Green Egg is, so too are Firemagic Grills. Here’s why:

Firemagic LogoTo begin with, usability is what sold me on this grill. If you can bake in an oven or fry food on a skillet, then you can most certainly operate this grill! Some of the unique features include:

• Higher temperatures for grilling than others
• Even heat distribution – resulting in no hot or cold spots, enabling greater grilling space
• Larger than average firebox
• Stainless backburners, that will not crack like the ceramic burners found on competitor’s grills
• Some of the models even include digital temperature settings
• State of the art ignitions ensuring the grills will light every time, even in the rain

Firemagic Aurora GrillLike the Big Green Egg, Firemagic is made in America. Firemagic has been around for over 74 years and has only improved with age. As my colleague says, “Firemagic Grills are the only grill you will ever own, because they are built to last.” …And as the company’s tagline states, “Savor the Moment” – modern conveniences, like these grills, really lend themselves to not only savoring the flavor for yourself, but the outdoor time with your family too.

Who knew grilling could be such an easy and healthy alternative?!

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