How Do I Even Start to Plan My Holiday Party?

With Custom Invitations and Party Accessories from Bering’s Stationery, of Course!

Party BannerWhen planning a smash holiday party, the first step is always the invitations! The invitation sets the tone for the event itself. An elegant, refined affair, like a Winter Gala, calls for a much different invitation than a casual or whimsical gathering, like a neighborhood Halloween costume party. Bering’s Stationery carries almost as many styles of invitations as there are types of holiday parties.

Choose a Theme for Your Holiday Party.

Halloween Plates and NapkinsParties celebrating a holiday are usually much simpler to plan since there are many specific and iconic elements to each holiday that are Trick or Treat Cardseasy to incorporate: pumpkins, costumes and trick-or-treating for Halloween, or turkeys, fall leaves and lots of food for Thanksgiving. Therefore, invitations for these events can be easy to create as well. Invitations can also often be the point of inspiration for your entire event by carrying a single element (a spooky Halloween spider) or a recurring theme (turkeys and pilgrims) throughout your décor, menu selection and party favors.

In addition to boxed invitations, Bering’s Stationery features a large assortment of single-sheet paper in fun holiday designs. Designer laser sheets (also commonly referred to as paper-by-the pound) are an economical option for at-home printing or large quantity orders. With a variety of mix-and-match envelopes available in a rainbow of colors, you can easily design a high-impact invitation.

And don’t forget to pick up coordinating cups, plates and napkins to complete the theme of your Halloween, Fall Harvest, or Thanksgiving party!

Do Something Different for Your Holiday Party – Go Texan!

One of the most popular themes Bering’s Stationery Departments are asked to create is Texas &Western. This could certainly work when planning a year-end holiday event. Playful invitations, like Christmas Steer by Kelly Kay Designs (pictured left), are a perfect way to set the tone for a Tex-Mex holiday shindig. Partner some festive holiday-colored plates, napkins and cups with western-themed place cards and table décor for some Texas-sized whimsy!

Don’t stop there, though. When preparing to send out this year’s holiday greeting cards, consider a fun spin on an old tradition. Bering’s Stationery carries a large selection of Texas & Western-themed holiday card box sets and single greeting cards. Share your Texas Pride by sending a loud, “Howdy, Y’all” to your entire holiday card mailing list!

It’s Hard to Go Wrong with Traditional and Elegant.

For tastes that lean more toward the traditional, Bering’s Stationery carries dozens of styles of elegant boxed Christmas and holiday cards by top vendors Crane & Co., William Arthur, Caspari and Xmas Cards ShelfMasterpiece. Classically-designed and tasteful photo cards are also a timeless way to send holiday greetings from the entire family. For an elegant holiday dinner, cocktail party or open house, Bering’s stationers can help you select an impressive invitation and craft clever and socially-correct wording.

During the Hanukkah season, Bering’s offers a selection of boxed-set greeting cards and single greeting cards as well as gift bags and gift wrap for all those nights of gift-giving!

Don’t Forget the Rest of Your Holiday Party Needs.

We can help make your seasonal celebration a big success, beginning with the right start all the way through to the finishing touches! Come visit either Bering’s location to pick up everything else to get the party season started: gift wrap, gift bags, Advent calendars, holiday-themed pens and notepads, and fun handmade crackers!

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